'Together we nurture the genius in everyone'



Welcome to Alexandra Infant School, and thank you for wanting to find out more about us.

About us:

                You will find Alexandra Infants School next to Richmond Park, and close to the River Thames. Our school team is both creative and committed, and can be trusted to come up with engaging, relevant and enticing approaches to learning that are responsive to children’s interests. We use the local environment to design challenging, experiential and even adventurous opportunities for learner engagement.

Our culture:

A school's culture is built by the people who are part of it.  In our community we care about our children, and nurture them as individuals. We welcome difference and celebrate diversity. Alexandra Infants School isn't just a launchpad for learning. It is an ideas factory, a good-food café, an art studio, a theatre, a place to play and a place to learn about ourselves and each other.

Our teams:

Our teaching teams are passionate about learning. They want to offer an irresistible invitation to learn that will enable every child to achieve, and believe that children should feel secure, nurtured, listened to and happy. They believe learning should be fun. We work hard: we play hard. We are open ten hours a day.Our Breakfast and After-School Club crew keep things buzzing before, during and after school hours. It is AXI's way of helping our families, and keeping bright, innovative experiences flowing for our children.

Our dreams:

At AXI, pursuit of individuals’ beliefs and cultures are encouraged and celebrated. All members of our community are given the opportunity to be involved, to innovate and to participate in our sense of community and camaraderie. In our world, everyone can make a difference. We believe that every child can learn, achieve and make valuable contributions to the community they will be part of – and we believe it is our job to make sure this happens.

To our parents:

As educational partners we want to work with you.   We understand your needs. We know how to enable your children to grow up as successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens, believing that they can make a difference in our world.   We provide ideas, opportunities and challenges for learning that will excite and motivate you and your children

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