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Alexandra Primary School

Alexandra Curriculum Drivers

The Alexandra Primary School Curriculum Drivers

At Alexandra Primary School, we aim to impart lasting knowledge to all our children. Our curriculum is at the heart of this with four key principles, which underpin our ethos for teaching and learning in all subject areas and build on our school values of Nurture, Exploration, Excellence and Community. The curriculum drivers are:

Rooted in knowledge

At Alexandra, our pupils access a knowledge rich curriculum, ensuring they develop the skills and learning behaviours to become lifelong learners. In all year groups, knowledge is consolidated and built upon with pupils expected to recall and retain their learning across the curriculum. This is summarised in our knowledge organisers for all subject areas, so that by the time our children leave Alexandra they have learned key information that we feel is important for them to be successful in the future.

Sequential and progressive

Our curriculum is carefully planned and logically sequenced. Subject leads in all areas consider the starting points for children in EYFS and the learning progress they make up to Year 6 and beyond. At each stage knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before, ensuring that over time pupils know more and remember more.

Equitable, diverse and inclusive

At Alexandra, we are committed to ensuring that all children feel connected to and invested in the school curriculum. This is achieved by ensuring that pupils, independent of their needs, have equal opportunities to access and engage with their learning. Our subject leaders have designed lessons to reflect this inclusive curriculum with equality, equity, diversity and representation at the heart of our teaching and learning arrangements. A central thread of this is our status as a Right Respecting School.

Enriched by experience

Our curriculum deepens and extends learning through rich, memorable experiences. We take advantage of our proximity to Richmond Park, London and major sites of historical and cultural interest. We invite specialists and experts into our school to lead workshops and subject presentations, and we draw on our supportive and diverse school community to further enhance our curriculum teaching. We take pride in being members of subject professional associations, ensuring that our knowledge of curriculum areas continues to improve and develop.