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Alexandra Primary School

Forest School

Providing a forest school experience for all children brings our ethos to life! We believe that a forest school experience will offer our children a unique outdoor learning experience in an inspiring and ever-changing environment. This will inspire their curiosity, stimulate their senses and through achievement, develop their self-confidence and well-being.


We believe in the philosophy which underpins the Forest School movement, to encourage and inspire children to develop their personal, social and emotional skills through participation in tasks and activities which are motivating and achievable. These can be set up as child led activities, group work, 1:1 co-adventurer tasks, all with hands-on experience and outcomes discovered by the child.

We know that in our ever-changing world, it is as important for children to know how to learn, to become resourceful, creative, resilient learners, working collaboratively and seeing mistakes as learning opportunities. Forest school activities actively promote these learning aims, helping children to develop their self-esteem, confidence to have a go and develop their emotional intelligence, empathy, communication and learn how to manage their emotions effectively.

At Alexandra Primary School, we believe that the awe and wonder of the natural world should be an integral part of our curriculum - we recognise that outdoor learning is the key to inspiring and motivating and enabling true cross-curricular and deep level learning.

Forest school is a long term process - sessions held consecutively over a period of time. Forest school sessions are fun and engaging, responsive to the needs and interests of the group. Forest school sessions are planned but with skilled and knowledgeable practitioners who embrace and enhance child-led learning. Through experience in a woodland setting children can develop a connection and love of the natural world, learn that the process is as important as the product and have the freedom and confidence to follow their own lines of enquiry through play.

We believe that all the children that attend our school can benefit from the forest school approach to learning and that it is the responsibility of the forest school leader to ensure that there is accessibility for all.

A forest school enables children to:

  • Develop personal and social skills
  • Work through practical problems and challenges
  • Use tools to create build or manage
  • Discover how they learn best
  • Pursue knowledge that interests them
  • Learn how to manage difficulties
  • Build confidence in decision-making and how to manage risk
  • Develop practical skills
  • Explore connections between humans, wildlife and the earth
  • Achieve success
  • Time to reflect on experiences
  • Develop language and communication skills
  • Improve physical motor skill and increase opportunity for physical exercise
  • Increase motivation and concentration skills

We believe that all these skills are transferable to the classroom.

At Alexandra Primary School we believe that play is a child’s right and lays the foundations of learning and development of social skills.

Our forest school leaders will work closely with teaching staff, to ensure that forest school experiences enhance classroom learning.