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Alexandra Primary School

Governing Body

Did you know that Alexandra Primary School has 11 school Governors and 3 Associate Members, working as volunteers to improve the education and well-being of our children? 

You can access full details of the structure and role of the Governing body and of our current Governors and Associate Members (including committee membership, attendance at meetings and a Register of their Business Interests) using the drop down menu on the right.​

How and why might parents talk to Governors?

Governors like to know parents’ impressions of the school, and to hear whether parents have particular skills that might be helpful for improving the school.  Governors’ work is mostly not confidential so you can ask them what they are working on or even read their meeting notes. 

However, if you have any specific issues or a concern about a member of staff or a pupil, then please raise this with your class teacher or Mr Waiting.

You can reach the Governors by emailing the Clerk to the Governors or by speaking to one of the Governors directly.