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Alexandra Primary School


At Alexandra Primary School we believe that an inclusive environment is one where all children are enabled to achieve their potential and individual personalities and talents are respected and nurtured. Our desire for inclusivity is evident across all areas of our school life and embedded in our school values.

  • Nurture: Our school rules, based on the UN convention on the rights of the child, support the staff and children in creating an environment where all children can live out their right to learn, have a voice and be safe. 
  • Excellence: Our teaching principles have at their foundation excellent personalised classroom teaching, known as Quality First Teaching, which supports all children, including those with a special educational need or with English as an additional language, to learn and retain knowledge. 
  • Exploration: The sequential and progressive nature of the Alexandra curriculum sets out clear next steps for all children regardless of their starting point. Careful consideration has been given to representing our diverse community across all subjects. 
  • Community: We believe in the importance of acknowledging and accepting the difference in each child. Our entire community, staff, parents and children, benefits from the positive culture of achievement, kindness, inclusivity and belonging. 


It is really important to us that all children have the opportunity to access enrichment beyond the classroom.  We welcome families to talk to us if finances are a potential barrier in this area.  Children who receive the Pupil Premium Grant are entitled to one free place on an activity club per school term. Pupils with EHCPs get priority booking to activity clubs and we access funding from the Local Authority to provide additional adult support for those children with SEND who might need it.