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Alexandra Primary School

Mobile phones and smartwatches

Mobile phone and smart watch technology has advanced significantly over the last few years and continues to evolve. Many phones and smart watches now offer internet and e-mail access, alongside standard functions of messaging, camera, video and sound recording.

Smartwatches are therefore not permitted to be worn to school, as staff are unable to monitor them closely enough to ensure they are being used appropriately. However, in line with our passion for helping children to tell the time, a standard analogue or digital wrist watch may be worn. If you are unsure whether your child’s watch is appropriate, please speak to the office or a member of the SLT on the gate.

Mobile phones are only allowed to be brought in by pupils in Year 6 (and the summer term for Year 5). It is a requirement that all our younger pupils are collected from school by a responsible adult. The need for a child of these ages to make telephone contact after school will therefore not arise.

Year 6 (and Year 5 in the summer term) children:

It is important that any parents allowing a phone to be brought into school are fully aware of how they will be looked after and the sanctions that will be imposed in the event of misuse.

  • Phones are to be switched off
  • Phones are to be handed into the class teacher at the beginning of the day. They will be returned at the end of the day in class.
  • The taking of photographs and video footage using a camera phone is strictly prohibited.
  • Any children found to have taken photographs/videos will be asked to delete the photos in the presence of a member of the senior leadership team.
  • Under no circumstances will pupils be allowed to take mobile phones on school excursions.


Any children found to have made an infringement of the above expectations will be dealt with under the following guidelines:

  • The school reserves the right to hold on to the phone and ask the parents/carer to collect from school.
  • For serious incidents the school may withdraw the agreement to allow the child to bring the mobile phone to school.

We ask that parents talk to their children about the inappropriate use of messages sent by mobile phone, as they can often be used to upset, intimidate or bully other pupils. This may be via text messaging, via apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, and through online gaming devices. When it is deemed appropriate – particularly when it affects other pupils or staff members or the normal functioning of school – the school will apply the behaviour policy in relation to inappropriate use of mobile phones outside of school.

Please note that the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal items brought to school.