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Alexandra Primary School

Pupil Leadership Team

As part of our citizenship education, we believe that children need to experience duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of a community, in order to help them prepare to play an active role as citizens.
At Alexandra Primary School, we believe that team captains and the Rights Knights have a very important role to play in the day to day organisation of our school.

Team Captains

As only Year Six pupils are allowed to apply to be a team captain, it is considered to be very important. The position not only allows the Year Six pupils to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, it also enables the younger children to learn from model behaviour of their peers. Every team captain has to apply for their job and their applications go through a selection process. They are elected by the staff. 

Roles and Responsiblities

Team captains must lead by example at all times in their behaviour, the respect they show to others and their school uniform. They take on many roles and have many responsibilities, such as:

  • Helping to set up events
  • Helping at events
  • Collating team points weekly
  • Encouraging children to follow the values that we hold here at Alexandra
  • Mentoring younger children

The Year 6 team captains for this year are:

Oak: Lyra and Sam B

Maple: Amelia and Ethan

Willow: Carmella and Marc

Beech: Olga and Erin

Rights Knights

Our successful Rights Knights team is a vibrant and well-respected body within the school and consists of fifteen pupils who presented to their peers as to why they should represent their class. 

The Rights Knights actively promote pupil leadership opportunities, enabling the children to develop valuable communication, co-operation, organisational and debating skills, as well as developing a sense of responsibility. Children involved meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environment, in realtion to the Rights Respecting School initiative. As part of their responsibilities, the team organise their own meetings, decide on an agenda, share new ideas, lead projects agreed by the Senior Leadership Team and vote on a number of school-related issues. Actions from each meeting are shared with the rest of the school and feed directly into whole school actions. 

Last year, the Rights Knights chose a local charity for the school to support, and decided on the new team names for the school.

The Rights Knights this school year are:





















Ela A