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Alexandra Primary School


Hoglets class

Rachael Lewis Foundation Stage Leader and Class Teacher 
Faye Azzopardi Learning Assistant
Katalin Somogyi Learning Assistant
Chelsea Maletta Learning Assistant
Angela Bonney  Learning Assistant

Owlets Class

Isobel McLeish Class teacher
Polly Jones Class teacher
Sasha Borkin Learning Assistant 
Kelly Andrews Learning Assistant
Emma Colohan Learning Assistant
Isabel Aparicio Gonzalez Learning Assistant
Angela Bonney Learning Assistant

Please click here for the full year overview of learning by subject.

Year: Reception

Week beginning: 

26 .2.2024 


We will be reading:

On Sudden Hill by Linda Sarah

We will be reading the story and discussing friendships. We will be acting out parts of the story and discussing how the characters feel, linking this to zones of regulation. We will be writing sentences about the story using finger spaces and full stops. 


We will spend this half term reviewing the graphemes that we have learnt so far so that we can apply them to our reading and writing. This week:

er air 

We are focusing on using our knowledge of graphemes to spell, especially longer words such as rabbit and ladder 

We will continue to learn the tricky words and you can find these on tapestry for your use. 

Please see the Little Wandle website for further help on supporting your child in phonics: https://www.littlewandlelettersandsounds.org.uk/resources/for-parents/


In Maths we will be exploring addition using the language part, part and whole. For example 8 is the whole and the parts are 5 and 3.  

Understanding the World

As artists, we will continue to learn about land art and transient art. We have been finding out about Andy Goldsworthy. 

In PSHE, we are focusing on ‘Healthy Me’ 

This week we are thinking about nutritious and not so nutritious food so that we can learn to make sure that our bodies have everything they need. 

 In RE over the next few weeks we will be thinking about Spring festivals. 

This includes The Persian new year, the festival Holi and Easter. 

We will be thinking about how they are celebrated and what they mean to us.

In history we are thinking about chronological order, this week we are thinking about the chronology of this year: what we have done, what we have worn and what has changed. We will continue to look at baby photos. 

Home Learning

Home learning: We will be sending home activities related to the graphemes that we have been looking at in phonics this week.


Please make sure all school bags, lunch boxes and water bottles are clearly named.

Library Books We  will be sending home a ‘Love of Reading’ book that your child has selected from the library every Friday.

Please enjoy reading this book to your child and talking around the content and the illustrations.

Your child is not expected to read this book to you. We will be sending home reading books that have been carefully matched to their stage in phonics later in the term.  

Please return your child’s yellow reading diary on a Monday each week. Many thanks for your comments and updates. 

PE Days

Tuesday (outdoor) Thursday (indoor) 

Please send your child into school in PE kit and trainers on both days. 

Dates for your diary

Parent consultation meetings are taking place on Wednesday 20th March in person and on Thursday 21st March online.