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Alexandra Primary School

The Beehive

The Beehive

Catherine Walton Class Teacher
Ivi Kougea Learning Support Assistant
Emma Sill Learning Support Assistant
Emma Colohan Learning Support Assistant
Cassie Dixon

Learning Support Assistant

Veni Janahan

Learning Support Assistant

Sushma Kulkarni

Learning Support Assistant

Ramana Rakulan

Learning Support Assistant

Science knowledge organiser

Geography knowledge organiser


The Beehive

Week beginning: 

12th December 2022


  • This week we are getting ready for Christmas!
  • We are going to write a Christmas list of what we would like for Christmas.
  • We are then going to write a letter to Santa telling him what is on our Christmas lists!


  • This week we  will continue to practise our counting. We will practise counting forwards and backwards to 100 and also counting in 10’s. We will practise counting forwards from any number.
  • We will practise counting groups of objects in different arrangements.


  • In Science this week, we are going to label the different parts of a tree.
  • We are going to make our own tree using different materials and name the different parts - root, trunk, branch, crown, twig, evergreen, deciduous.

Christmas Party

  • On Thursday, we are inviting all parents to a short Christmas party before pick-up (2.45). The children will sing some songs and we’d love parents to join in with a couple too! It will be a lovely opportunity to celebrate all the things that we love about the Beehive.


  • Decodable reading books will be sent home.
  • Maths homework will link to our learning this week.
  • Spellings will also be sent home related to our phonics learning. 


Phonics: The children are working on different phases in their phonics.

Phase 2: z, ck, ff

Phase 3: oa, oo, ar

Phase 5: review

Please encourage your children to practise the spellings sent home.