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The Beehive

The Beehive

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The Beehive

Focus book: Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Dreadful Spell by Kristina Stephenson

Week beginning: 

6th February 2023


  • This week we are reading our  book “Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Dreadful Spell!”
  • This week we are publishing our narratives and sharing them with the rest of the class.
  • We are also writing a review about each other's stories saying which parts of the story we liked best. 


  • This week we are looking at addition.
  • We will learn about number bonds to 20 and combining two numbers together.
  • We use a ten frame and the bar model to support our addition.


  • This week we are looking at magnets.
  • We will investigate which materials are magnetic and which are not.
  • We find out about the north and south poles of a magnet and discover that opposite poles attract and that the same poles repel.


  • In History, we are continuing to learn about castles. 
  • This week we are going to find out about the Tower of London and why it was built.
  • We are going to get ready for our trip to the Tower of London!


  • Decodable reading books will be sent home.
  • Maths homework will link to our learning this week.
  • Spellings will also be sent home related to our phonics learning. 


Phonics: The children are working on different phases in their phonics.

Phase 2: blending.

Phase 3: er, ur and air.

Please encourage your children to practise the spellings sent home.