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Alexandra Primary School

The Beehive

The Beehive

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The Beehive

Key text: Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton

Week beginning

20th May 2024


  • This week we are going to write about a toy or object that helps us feel safe - just like the Thing in our story, who has its Cuddly to help it sleep at night! 
  • We are going to describe our objects and say why it makes us feel safe.


  • In Maths this week, we will learn how to find half of a quantity. We will also start to learn about quarters and find a quarter of an object.
  • We will add more objects to a set and identify how many objects have been added to that set.


  • In Science this term, we are learning about habitats.
  • This week we will learn about simple food chains.
  • We will look at some food chains and make our own food chain.


  • This week we are going to talk about physical touch and the different touches we might experience.
  • We will talk about how it is ok if we don’t like a physical touch and we will practise what to say when we don’t - “No thank you, I don’t like it.”


  • This term we are learning about stories from different cultures and religions.
  • This week we are learning about a story called Best Friends.
  • We will talk about who our friends are and how they make us feel.
  • We will tell each other what makes them a good friend.


  • In Geography this term we are learning about biomes.
  • This week we will learn about caves and find out what we would see and hear in a cave.
  • We will create a poster about what can be found in caves.


  • Decodable and Accelerated Reader reading books will be sent home next week.
  • Maths homework will link to our learning this week.
  • Spellings will also be sent home and these will be related to our phonics learning.