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Alexandra Primary School

Year 3

Foxes Class

Laura Watson Class Teacher
René von Solms Trainee Teacher
Gill Redfern Learning Assistant
Alice Dunner HLTA
Hayley Kent Learning Assistant

Hedgehogs Class

Joe Griffin Class Teacher
Gill Redfern Learning Assistant
Alice Dunner HLTA
Gillian Adoch Okao Learning Assistant
Veni Janahan Learning Assistant
Cassie Dixon Learning Assistant

Please click here for the full year overview of learning by subject.

Year: 3

Week beginning: 

Monday 12th December


  • Our focus this week is learning how to write a clear set of instructions.
  • We will be writing a set of instructions on ‘how to catch a woolly mammoth’ (based on the text ‘how to trap a troll’). We will be thinking about using headings and subheadings, using numbered steps and adverbs of time as well as imperative verbs.


  • We will continue learning about our topic multiplication and division.
  • We will be learning to multiply and divide by 8.
  • We will be recapping the 2 times table as well as learning the 4 and 8 times tables.


  • This half term we are focusing on our puzzle piece ‘Celebrating Difference’. This week we will be thinking about giving compliments and how this makes us and others feel. 


  • This half term we are learning about Christianity. We are working towards answering our big question of ‘Has Christmas lost its true meaning?’. This week we will be applying all of our learning to answer our key question.


  • This half term we are learning about forces and magnets. This week we will be carrying out an explorative enquiry to investigate objects which are magnetic and non-magnetic.


  • This half term we are learning about the Lake District. This week we will be completing a quiz about our learning from this topic.


  • This half term we are learning about levers and linkages in preparation for making a pop-up Christmas card. This week we will evaluate our cards, thinking about what went well and what we would change if we made it again. 


Please login to your Google Classroom account and see your homework which has been assigned (under the Classwork tab). This will be released at 9am every Friday and due the following Wednesday. Please feel free to print the sheets/activities at home, or write your answers on a scrap piece of paper and take a photo which you then upload. If you need help with printing or paper to record on, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Knowledge Organisers

•Every half term we will upload knowledge organisers for foundation subjects to Google Classroom. These are to help with your child’s retrieval of knowledge e.g. specific dates and key words. By learning the key facts at home and in school, the knowledge will become part of your child’s long term memory.

•The knowledge organisers contain core knowledge which is essential for progress in each subject area.

•Students are required to learn the key parts of the knowledge organiser and they will have a fun quiz at the end of the half term to see how much knowledge they have retained!

•Please use the knowledge organisers to have discussions with your child about their topics and also to help them remember the information. One helpful method could be ‘look, cover, write, check’. You will show your child one small part of the knowledge organiser, discuss it, memorise it, cover it, they will practise recording it and then you can check the answer together!


  • Please can children wear their PE kits on PE days (Monday and Friday)
  • Reading: Your child will now have been assessed against the AR Reader framework. They will have been given their reading range which will be written in their reading record. Each week they will bring home a reading book (either Little Wandle or AR Reader) which they should be able to read independently. They will also bring home a ‘reading for pleasure’ book which can be of any level and can be read with/by an adult.
  • Please bring cardboard boxes for DT this week if you have not done so already

PE Days

  • Indoor PE: Monday
  • Outdoor PE: Friday

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 13th Dec: Year 3 & 4 Christmas performance at St Paul’s Church (2-3pm)

Wednesday 14th Dec: Pantomime (workshop in the morning and performance in the afternoon), Christmas jumper day, Christmas roast dinner

Friday 16th Dec: School finishes at 1:30pm for all pupils