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Alexandra Primary School

Year 5


Nicola Poulter Class Teacher
Ivi Kougea Learning Assistant


Lucy Rayner Class teacher
Learning Assistant

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Weekly update: 09.12.22
Maths: We have finally come to the end of our fractions unit (it has felt long!) but we will come back to fractions again in the spring term. We are now moving on to have another look at multiplication, this time focusing on multiplying numbers of different lengths by 2 digits. This is new learning to Year 5 so any extra practice at home would be helpful.
Science: This week was all about levers, gears and pulleys and the children carried out an investigation into the amount of force needed to make a lever move an object. They did this using everyday things they have in the classroom: a ruler, a pencil and a rubber. They used their scientific skills to record their findings and come to  conclusion.

History: This week the children examined pieces of art (because this is one of the only remaining sources of information from the time) to work out what everyday life was like in ancient Baghdad for the people who lived there, looking at schools, shopping, leisure time, etc. They recorded their notes and then created freeze frames in groups to show what they had learnt.

English: The children have been writing non-chronological reports this week, all about the pearl diving industry as shown in the text they are currently reading in English. They have carried out research, constructed some sentences, worked har to include certain pieces of grammar and have then drawn it all together to create some amazing reports!

DT: We are nearing the end of our very popular unit about the construction of bridges. The level of knowledge and enthusiasm for this unit has really impressed me - we definitely have some future engineers in our midst! Some of the  prior knowledge comes from online games and activities - so it's been really nice that that's had a positive effect! Next week the children will be constructing their own bridges based on what they have learnt.
Outdoor PE: Thursday with Miss Vicky
Indoor PE: Friday with Mrs Rayner
12th December - Y5/Y6 Christmas concert @ St Paul's 2-3pm